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  • Gone – Chapter 30

    14 mars 2020 par

    Very hot water whipped my head and shoulders. I looked down, the front of my dress was soaking wet, along with my back.

    Laughter rang out.


  • Gone – Chapter 28

    16 février 2020 par

    I moved to leave the cave, but Randall ran in front of me. He blocked the entrance. “I refuse to let you go until you tell me exactly, and in the greatest detail what you just said.”

  • Gone – Chapter 27

    15 février 2020 par

    That’s when Hawkins came in. “The Captain is interested in everybody,” he explained, “So he can know how best to hurt them. If you ask me, he’s just playing at being your friend so he can get something out of you.”

  • Gone – Chapter 26

    13 février 2020 par

    “He came to me in the strictest confidence disturbed by what he heard ye utter. In a church, of all places! You challenged God! Do ye not understand what that even means? Did ye think He wouldnae hear ye?”

  • Gone – Chapter 24

    13 février 2020 par

    “It’s my roommate, man,” I said, taking a deep breath of air. “I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried being nice to him, but nothing works. Plus, he hates Catholics…I’m Catholic. I don’t know if the Scots are all Catholic. Probably not. I mean what does it matter anyways, you know? We all serve God…except for the unbelievers and Kendall. No matter what he says, I don’t think he believes. I don’t think he even goes to church…”

  • Gone – Chapter 25

    13 février 2020 par

    “The Superior of the convent where I grew up tracked me down. She sent some priests from there to get me back. They found me and told me I had AIDS.” I swallowed again, gasping for air, “The priests are also the reason why I went into a convent in the first place.”

  • Gone – Chapter 23

    13 février 2020 par

    One thing I noticed that made it stand out from other places I’d been to, was the people. Specifically, they were Black.

  • Gone – Chapter 22

    12 février 2020 par

    Standing behind me, a few meters away, were one…two…. three…thirty-five men. Some old, some young. All of them smirking at me.

  • What being at war with myself has taught me

    10 février 2020 par

    Of course, none of this will be possible without God. If you think you can figure it all out without God, you’re in for a bumpy ride. And before anyone gets worried, self-acceptance is not the same thing as giving yourself a license to sin. I want to make that very clear.

  • PTSD Is a $#@!%

    6 février 2020 par

    And you relive the trauma, again and again. And you wish you could tell your parents. But they won’t believe you and you can’t blame them because the things you’re reliving are insane. They are insane. They are repressed childhood memories that belong in the pits of hell. Where they belong.

  • Gone – Chapter 21

    3 février 2020 par

    I tackled him to the ground. I jumped up, grabbed a broom and beat the living daylights out of him. “You stupid man. Sleeping with me could’ve killed you. Do you know that?”

  • Gone – Chapter 20

    3 février 2020 par

    “You’re just a sinner I am told, be your fire when you’re cold, make you happy when you’re sad, make you good when you are bad!”

  • Gone – Chapter 19

    3 février 2020 par

    A young monk brought out a bucket. Another brought a knife and two rolls of cloth, “To tie the wound,” he explained. The other brothers brought out some wood for the fire and a blanket to cover the ground.

  • Gone – Chapter 17

    3 février 2020 par

    Kendall and I were busy playing cards. I didn’t know the game and I didn’t know the rules. Needless to say, my roommate was annoyed.

  • Gone – Chapter 16

    29 janvier 2020 par

    The fort was quieter at night. Most of the men were outside on watch. Inside, there wasn’t any noise. Agnes was in bed. The Officers were in bed. Even the rats were in bed.

  • Gone – Chapter 15

    29 janvier 2020 par

    Then, they started to throw plates and cups at me. When they couldn’t throw them anymore, they picked up the salted pork and threw that.

  • Gone – Chapter 14

    29 janvier 2020 par

    Oh, for the love of – I’ve seen this movie. This is where the old mystic character tells you some revelation about how you’re the chosen one and it’s up to you to save the kingdom.

  • Gone – Chapter 13

    29 janvier 2020 par

    After pounding his lights out for a good half hour, I jumped into one of the beds. I turned and looked over my shoulder, “And if I catch you anywhere near my bed, I will slap you silly, you know?”

  • Gone – Chapter 11

    29 janvier 2020 par

    There, looking at me through a window, was Captain Yates. He smiled down at me.

    Well, at least somebody was glad to see me.

  • Gone – Chapter 10

    29 janvier 2020 par

    The first folded his hands behind his back, “Brigadier General Lord Thomas, at your service.” He went on to introduce the others. By then, I’d stopped paying attention. Looking around the room, I realized I was in every single period drama ever.

  • Gone – Chapter 9

    29 janvier 2020 par

    Randall eagerly left the Priest and returned at once to Fort William. He was eager to find this Demon, if such a creature did indeed exist.

  • Gone – Chapter 7

    29 janvier 2020 par

    I thought about leaving him to drown. I could feel the Heavens staring down at me, the Almighty watching my every move. Could I kill an unarmed man? Would God understand? Mouth dry, I looked up at the sky. The horse watched, bored out of his skull, as I dragged the Officer out of the pond.

  • Gone – Chapter 5

    29 janvier 2020 par

    We rode on for miles. The grass around us was thick and green. It was so green, it glowed. The water of a lake I passed was such a deep blue. It looked like a small ocean. The hills and valleys sprang up with every inch of ground covered. The sky was now gray, the sun had long since gone.

  • Gone – Chapter 4

    29 janvier 2020 par

    That’s when the castle went dark. All the torches and candles went out and there was no light anywhere. Ned felt heavy and he nearly collapsed on the floor.

  • Gone – Chapter 3

    29 janvier 2020 par

    I wouldn’t learn until later that the three people who’d given me directions were completely off. They sent me somewhere I should’ve never gone.

  • Gone – Chapter 2

    19 janvier 2020 par

    Ned was about to mount the horse, turn around, and ride back down the hill, when the wind began to howl. It screamed for a few moments, then it fell quiet.

  • Gone – Chapter 1

    19 janvier 2020 par

    It’s like I’m back in prison again…
    In the next year, they’ll do more than throw away the key; they’ll kill me, body and soul.

  • Gone – Prologue :The Wager

    19 janvier 2020 par

    Staring back at the ceiling, his hands shook, “Merciful God in heaven, Black Jack Randall has just tested God in my church. Saints preserve us, Black Jack Randall has tested God.”

  • The Mistake: CHapter 9

    27 septembre 2019 par

    Finn had no idea how to respond to that. He was still getting over the fact that the always right, always perfect Rey had messed up this badly…

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